Spring is finally here!

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For most of us it has been a long, cold, and wet winter. Now that spring is here, you need some new spring color braided rugs or maybe it is time to clean your existing rugs. Here are a few tips.

If your rug is 3' x 5' or smaller you can put your rug in the washing machine on a cold and delicate cycle and lay it flat to dry. I fold my rug in a third and another third, then wrap it around the bowl. This keeps the rug at the bottom of the spin basin and clear from the top of the spin tub. When your rug comes out of the washer you may lay it out flat directly on to the floor. This material, Olefin, is known for "drying quickly" so when you take your rug out of the washer it does not feel overly wet. Some people prefer to line dry and that is okay too.

Larger rugs will need to be professionally cleaned or on a sunny day, take your rug outside to the driveway, lay it flat and then hose it down. Use a very small amount of dish detergent and scrub the rug down. After you scrub your rug down, flip the rug over and wash the other side. It will take a while to rinse and dry your rug. You may need to flip your rug over every hour or so letting the sun speed up the drying process. When moving a larger rug PLEASE roll the end of the rug where you grip the rug as this will take some of the pressure off the sewing stitches. OR, take the easy way out, and contact your local oriental rug dealer and ask if they offer a cleaning service. Many times they do have one and will do a good job. 

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Happy Spring!

-Donna Noblitt


  • Donna it was so much fun meeting with you and your dogs, seeing the process of making the rugs and getting our rugs. We just got home and they are in place and perfect! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you! We love being able to use Made In America Products! Linda and Sam Iauch

    Linda Iauch on

  • Donna,
    We received the 3 more rugs we just ordered. They look fantastic in our home and our 5th Wheel travel trailer. They are as perfect as the 1st two, we now have 5 braided rugs from you and your company. Miss seeing you at the craft fair in Columbia, SC this year. Your rugs are the best. Love you can pick out the pattern you like and also choose the colors for the rugs. Take Care be safe and hope to see you again in the future…
    Have A Great Summer! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    P.S. Your Website is great, love looking at all the pics and is very user friendly❣

    Deborah on

  • Your rugs are beautiful. Do you have aqua blue rugs. Or aqua blue and mint green?

    Sharon Stacy on

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