Joesph's Coat Braided Rug Collection

Twenty years ago the first "Joseph's Coat" rug was made and it was the coat of many colors. It took nearly a year to make. We used our leftover material, sorting it into "color family's". Debbie Vaughan would work on it for a while then roll it up for 2 months waiting for new material to accumulate. When the 9x12 was finished it was quite stunning. We knew we were on to something unique. Oh how I have wished over the years that I had a picture of the original one! 

For two decades we have perfected this design. JC's are 4 to 7 colors. The "new" material is run so that the combination changes every 2 to 4 rows. This rug is not pieced. It is one continuous braid. The wider the rug, the more times the pattern repeats. This is a "Trademarked" design and no two rugs are identical. Rugs pictured are 2' wide with 8 color changes.