Cleaning and Care Instructions



Remove your rug from the packaging. Center the rug as desired and unroll. If your rug was folded during shipping, unfold the rug and smooth the creases or you may roll the rug up while pressing down on the creases as you go then unroll. Lastly, use your hands or broom handle to smooth the remaining creases working from center out. If you purchased rug-loc, it is to be placed directly on the floor in the center of where your rug will be placed. Place the rug on top of the rug padding. If your rug ever needs to be moved do not drag your rug. Roll your rug up then move it. Do not drag furniture over your rug as this could cause damage to the sewing stitches. Loose yarn ends may work there way up to the surface. This is normal and is to be expected. Lay your scissors flat to the rug and trim off taking care not to cut the sewing stitches. See pictures below. If your sewing stitch were to break, your rug can be easily repaired. We will repair your rug free of charge, but you will be responsible for the freight. A sewing kit is available for purchase for $8.00.




Smaller rugs can be washed in your washing machine in cold water on delicate cycle. Any mild detergent (no bleach) is fine. Please make sure the rug is at the bottom of the spin basin. The top of the spin basin can damage the rug as the heat and friction are too much for the yarn fiber. Lay flat to dry. Larger rugs are to be cleaned as you would carpet or spot clean. Your local professional carpet cleaner will do you a good job. For spot cleaning purposes you can mix 2 cups of warm water and 2 teaspoons of dawn dish detergent OR 1 cup of WHITE vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Crayon, candle wax or chewing gum accidents freeze with ice then chip away first before cleaning. Pet accidents use “Skouts Honor” cleaning spray. This can be purchased on Amazon.