Things to know before buying a Braided Rug

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Top things to know before buying a braided rug:

What is the material content and what is used for the core?

How colorfast is the material and is it pet friendly?

What guarantee is offered?

Are free samples offered before making a purchase?

Can the rug be cleaned?

Braided Rugs can be made out of various fibers. It may be yarn, fabric or jute. All braids whether it be "tubular" or "true flat" will have a core. The fiber content of the core is equally as important as the outside fiber as this helps determine how it is to be cleaned. If you see a rug label that says "90% wool 10% miscellaneous is the 10% miscellaneous that you should be most concerned with as this is the "core". The core is where manufacturers can cut cost and inferior fibers or textile byproducts can be used. If this core material were to draw up when wet, then this rug can never undergo a deep cleaning and will have to only be spot cleaned. Next you should question the colorfastness. Is it pet friendly. If your pet were to have an accident, would the color fade. If the color fades, will it stain your floor. 

A high quality braided rug that is made right will last for decades. A high quality braided rug that is made right will lay flat from the very start. You should never have to work and work with a rug to get it smoothed out only for it to not stay that way. If this happens call the manufacturer immediately as this rug has been sewn too tight and will never lay flat. This is a common mistake when sewers work on commission or mass production. My motto is "if it won't lay flat; send it back"!

I have over 30 years experience as a braided rug owner and a braided rug manufacturer. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

-Donna Noblitt




  • I have not owned a braided rug. I just put vinyl floors in my house and I did not do my homework because most rugs I want to buy require a rug pad to use on these floors – the backing will scratch the floors without it. Do you have to use an extra pad under these types of rugs? Thanks in advance for your help!!

    Donna on

  • I just received my first braided rugs from Colonial Rug and I absolutely love them, they are beautiful and the colors are just as they looked on the website. I am ordering more rugs today. Thank you so much for your beautiful work.

    Kathleen Rayworth on

  • Trudy,
    Our turnaround time is less than two weeks!

    Donna B Noblitt on

  • What is the approx turn around time for a 5×8.

    Trudy on

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